Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. The fascinating thing about good music is that resounding feeling that it leaves you with. One amazing thing I have come to realize is how there are still some untapped sounds that soothes our ears and blesses our soul. In my quest for new refined sounds that will help me pull through my day, I found a group of energetic band that knows their craft and make good music. ‘’D FAMILY’’ is a group of pro singers from all over Arab countries that was founded 14th of May, 2016, somewhere in the Arabic region. With over 5 years’ experience of making music, the creatives were the pioneers of remakes and dubbing of cartoons, anime, songs and contents into different languages for their listeners which is now very popular in all social media space especially in Arabian countries. With a large range of followers and listeners in different countries, the group slowly captivated loads of listeners and grew a spirited fan base that relish on their beautiful sound. It will amaze you to know the band sings in Arabic, English, Japanese, Korean making them a prolific group with diverse talents. The inventive group looks to officially open their own music company in the heart of the city of Dubai soon and their primary goal is to raise new talents to carry on the craft. For their personal project, the group plans to drop their debut album later this year. The album plans to be an album that revolves around new sounds which would feature original songs. ‘’D FAMILY’’ remains a group that focus more on their group achievements and good sounds than individual popularity. Your playlist is about to be on fire, do not sleep on ‘’D FAMILY’’. If you would like to contact D Family,  please use our webform here. You will be contacted shortly thereafter.

D Family

Dubai (U.A.E.)

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فـ لدينا خبرة ممتدة منذ سنة 2016 حتى اللحظة , لذلك دي فاملي بارعة في تقديم مثل هذه الخدمة الخاصة


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