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“… The D Family Music Group has risen to become an influential Anime music and song producer in the Arabic World. The has grabbed the attention of international fans and music streams are consistently on the rise. The groups most recent publication has captured a group of musician at the height of their creative powers…”

Founded in 2016, D FAMILY is a music group of pro singers from various Arab countries. With over five years of music production experience, its members were pioneers in remaking & dubbing cartoons, anime, songs and contents into many languages; their work has become popular in the social media space, especially in the Arab world. The band sings in Arabic, English, Japanese and Korean. The group is planning to open a pro music company in the heart of Dubai soon.

D Family

Dubai (U.A.E.)

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This press kit contains license free artist (anime) portraits, album cover art and logos. All items are cleared for media outlets. File size: ~7.4 MB.

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نقوم في دي فاملي بتوفيـر كل ما يلزم لتقديم أعمال ذات قيمة فنيـــّة كبيرة , لذلك يسرنا أن نعلن عن أعمال فيديو كليب بالتعاون مع كل من يرغب

فـ لدينا خبرة ممتدة منذ سنة 2016 حتى اللحظة , لذلك دي فاملي بارعة في تقديم مثل هذه الخدمة الخاصة


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